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VIC 8 school

VIC 8 school


Founded on 1st of May, 1997, TOKYOVICACADEMY is providing solutions for your airlines’ cabin crew recruitment.

Our business contents are;

  • Training people who aspire for career in the aviation industry
  • Supporting and facilitating Airline companies with potential candidates for selection and employment
Branches: Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Nagoya, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Sendai

Employers who have recruited our graduates so far include:
All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL), other domestic airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, China Airlines, EVA Airways, Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Thai Airways International, Garuda Indonesia Airline, Pakistan International Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Jetstar Airways, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Scandinavian Airlines System, Turkish Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, other foreign airlines.

 Why you have to choose TOKYO VIC ACADEMY?

1. One of the biggest airline schools having more than 1,000 students ;
-You can select high-quality people among relative population.

2. Thousands of graduates who are working as cabin attendants
-If you would like to employ experienced cabin attendants, you are easily also able to reach them.

▲ TOKYO VIC ACADEMY provides following services AT NO COST

1. Introducing our talented students who aspire to become cabin attendants
2. Offering a place for job interviews by your company
3. Advertising your job openings to the general
4. Becoming an inquiry office during your recruitment
5. Carrying out the initial screenings before you conducting interviews
6. Supporting other kinds of recruitment

▲ Track record

Asiana Airlines
Garuda Indonesia Airline
Hong Kong Airline
Jalsky Sendai(Japan Airlines’ affiliate)
Korean Air
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Airways

▲ Contact


Head Quarters
8F Goto Building 1st
5-1-3 Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, JAPAN


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