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VIC 8 school

VIC 8 school



・エアアジア・ジャパン ゲストサービススタッフ(中部)

(職種) Guest Service (Guest Service Officer / Guest Service Assistant)
Work Location
(勤務地) Chubu Centrair International Airport (中部国際空港)
Expected Starting Date
(入社時期) After Feburary 2016(2016年2月以降)
Number to hire
(勤務地) 15-20
(応募方法) On 2015 Dec 22nd (Tue), we will have hiring session in Aichi. If you want to attend, please send application form and your CV to and bring all documents to the session. Please note that your application documents will not be returned. We will use your personal information only for hiring purpose.
2015年12月22日(火)に愛知で選考会を行います。選考を希望される方は所定のApplication Form及び履歴書・職務経歴書(ワードまたはPDF:様式自由)をメールにて まで送付いただき、応募書類は当日全て持参ください。応募書類は返却致しませんが、個人情報は選考・採用以外の目的には利用致しません。
-  Guest Service Officer
1.Support and monitor check-in counters and manage the gate to ensure on-time completion of documentation and reports as required by the Company.
2.Check serviceability of equipment at the end of evening shift.
3.To ensure satisfactory OTP (on-time performance).
4.To ensure that staff carries our their assigned duties successfully and to implement corrective measures to improve services/performance where necessary.
5.Constantly keep up with internal and external correspondences and respond to requests / incidents within an appropriate time frame.
6.To ensure effective and up-to-date communication and good team work among staff.
7.To conduct training and be exemplary to staff.
8.To manage roster, duty assignment, attendance, motivation and grooming of staff.
9.To submit staff appraisal and monitor staff performance, ensuring that KPIs are achieved.
-  Guest Service Assistant
1.To perform complete check-in process for guests in accordance to the Company's and authority's SOP and requirements.
2.Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the check-in counters, gate area, work area and store room at all times.
3.Replenish and monitor stationeries, ED cards and other supplies.
4.Capable of handling all complaints and problems to the guests’ satisfaction.
5.To perform complete and proper cash collection procedure for sale proceeds.
6.To ensure compliance to SOP and T & C.
7.Contribute to achieving department KPIs.
8.Ensure to maintain the safety and security of work place.
-  Guest Service Officer
1.Must be service-oriented.
2.A good team player and team leader.
3.At least 3 years of customer handling experience, including International Flight, is required.
4.High comfort level working in a diverse environment.
5.Able to travel as and when it is required.
-  Guest Service Assistant
1.Must be service-oriented.
2.A good team player.
3.At least 1 year customer handling experience is preferred.
4.High comfort level working in a diverse environment.
5.Able to travel as and when it is required.
*** Flexibility of relocation is required.
Language Capability 
(語学力) TOEIC600点程度 ※※入社後、訓練はマレーシアのAirAsia本社で実施するため、日常会話以上の英会話力が必要です。 その他の言語(韓国語、中国語など)が話せる方優遇。
About hiring session
(採用セッションについて) "Details of information will be announced shortly. 会場等の詳細については、後日ご連絡いたします。"


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